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MGI to conduct a baseline study of Community Tourism Enterprises (CTEs) over the next few months!

The Mona GeoInformatics Institute (MGI) at the University of the West Indies, has collaborated with Target Euro from Italy for the implementation of this very important project. The objective of this project is to conduct baseline research on the community tourism ecosystem in Jamaica and utilize GIS mapping technology to assist with:

  • Enabling tourism development planners to monitor the impact of investments in community-based tourism (CBT);
  • Map the CTE ecosystem across Jamaica to ascertain the existence of the various types of CTEs, their location, offerings, ownership (women/youth owned), community linkages, etc., to strengthen CBT linkages; and
  • Identify current challenges and opportunities amongst CBT enterprises.

This project will collect vital data on the community tourism ecosystem in Jamaica in order to improve the visibility of CBT and CBT enterprises to both local and international interests, improve how the government plans for and supports CBT enterprises, and contribute to the strengthening and sustainability of CBT in Jamaica.

Last week we conducted important stakeholder consultations with partners in Kingston, Treasure Beach (St. Elizabeth), and Montego Bay (St. James). The Community Tourism Baseline Study and GIS Mapping Project are essential initiatives to promote inclusive and sustainable tourism development in Jamaica. By utilizing data-driven insights and encouraging collaboration among key stakeholders, this effort seeks to build a resilient tourism sector that benefits communities throughout the island.

The project is being done for the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), is funded by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) and The World Bank, and is being implemented by Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF).

Stay tuned to MGI for more information as this project develops.

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