Drone Services

Drone Imagery and Analysis

MGI’s expert drone operators are available to provide drone photography services at your location of interest island-wide. Our experts will work with you to deliver premium quality aerial imagery, videos, models and/or maps depending on your specific needs.

Contact us to gather your aerial photography products in three easy steps:

1. Contact us about your Project

Complete the form below or send us an email at info@monainformatixltd.com telling us about your project.

2. We'll Schedule a Drone Flight

We will send a quotation to confirm your project details, requirements and cost. Then, one of our expert drone operators will schedule a suitable time and date for fieldwork.

3. Receive your Aerial Imagery

After drone imagery collection and processing, we will send you your drone photography products available for download.

Drone Video Post Production

Not only can we help you elevate your work through high quality drone images, but our team is versed in cartography, post production video editing & GIS incorporation. We can take your images to the next level with add ons such as:

Map Creation
3D Terrain Modelling & DEMS
Survey Videos
Spatial Analysis
Entertainment Videos

Drone Services Requests

Please contact us below by providing your details after which you’ll receive an email with details of our drone services.