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Google Impact Award Won by MGI!

The Mona GeoInformatics Institute (MGI) at the University of the West Indies, has won the prestigious Google Geo for Good Impact Award for 2023/2024. This international award is as a result of MGI’s outstanding work on the project Implementation of Eco-System Adaptation Measures for Kingston Harbour Communities (KHEAM). MGI is being acknowledged for its innovative use of geospatial tools to generate impactful environmental and socioeconomic outcomes for marginalized communities around the Kingston Harbour.

The KHEAM Project was funded by the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF), and co-financed by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety through KfW.

MGI partnered with The Centre for Marine Sciences (CMS), The GraceKennedy Foundation (GKF) and Newer Worlds Ltd (UK) to successfully implement the KHEAM Project. The project was one of only 11 successful recipients, from a competitive field of over 100 applications from organisations and institutions across the Caribbean region.

The main objectives of the KHEAM Project were to rehabilitate and restore mangrove habitats in the Kingston Harbour, incorporate social and economic resilience to climate change, through 3 integrated work-stream components including:

  • Restoration and rehabilitation of mangrove habitats to reduce climate risks.
  • Reduce land-based sources of pollution that have contributed to degradation of marine and coastal zone ecosystems.
  • Education and engagement of coastal communities and diversifying & supplementing their livelihoods.

The award recognizes MGI’s commitment to producing positive and tangible environmental solutions, focuses on carbon mitigation, climate adaptation and nature conservation through the use of Google mapping tools such as Google Earth, Google Earth Engine, My Maps and Maps Platform API.

This award is symbolic of MGI’s commitment to good project practices and taking advantage of the most modern and scientific tools for the greater good and to impact human lives positively. MGI and The University of the West Indies, thank Google (Alphabet Inc.) and the Google Earth Outreach Programme for this very important award.

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