Drone Training

These specialized training modules are geared towards drone pilots of varying skill sets, ranging from beginner to professional-level. Our in-house instructors have gone through countless hours of flight and are ready to share their knowledge and expertise. These courses are designed to provide students with the necessary drone skills and techniques, required to excel in the technologically developed world.

  • Introduction to Drone Technology

  • Application of Drone Technology

  • Introduction to Drone Mapping

  • Flight Preparation

  • Spatial 2D Mapping

  • Spatial 3D Mapping

Geospatial Training Services

MGI offers certified training courses in GIS related services. These courses are equipped to establish a strong foundation, and build substantial knowledge to land jobs in the GIS realm. These courses include:

  • Introductory Level Courses

  • Advanced Level Courses

  • Customised Courses

  • Field Mapping

  • 2D Spatial Analysis

  • 3D Spatial Analysis

IGT Coding and Robotics Camp

The IGT Caribbean Coding and Robotics camp is an annual virtual summer camp offering lessons in coding and robotics at select children’s homes to children between the ages of 12 to 18 across the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St. Maarten, and St. Kitts). Mona Geoinformatics Institute (MGI) in collaboration with International Game Technology PLC and PRO Communications Limited host the two-part summer camp at an introductory and supplementary level. 

In addition to development of the camp’s curriculum, MGI is responsible for the coordination, planning and delivery of the programme to thirteen different Caribbean ASA centers using a simultaneous virtual format. This paved the way for an engaging and effective learning environment that combined theoretical lessons with hands-on practical activities equipping students with marketable programming skills and exposing them to a host of new career paths. Students are taught a range of skills at each camp level:

Introductory Level

  • Introduction to Robot Process Automation

  • Introduction to Robotics

  • Introduction to web page creation

  • Introduction to HTML

  • Introduction to CSS

  • Introduction to JavaScript

Supplementary Level

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to Sustainability and the Environment

  • Introduction to Data Exploration

  • Intermediate Coding in HTML

  • Intermediate Coding in CSS

  • Intermediate Coding in JavaScript

IGT After School Advantage (ASA) beneficiaries from the Sunbeam Children’s Home in Old Harbour, St. Catherine in Jamaica (seated) were accommodated on site at the Mona Geoinformatics Institute (MGI), UWI Mona for the opening day of the 2022 IGT Coding and Robotics Rock! Camp on July 20. Also in attendance are Juan Pablo Chadid, Regional Vice President of IGT Latin America and the Caribbean; Brendan Hames, Regional Director of IGT Caribbean; Kevin Johnson, Coordinator and Lead Tutor of MGI; Jordan Earle, Technical Support, MGI and Debbie Green, General Manager, IGT Jamaica.