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Recap of the Jamaica Smart City Forum! 🇯🇲

On September 20th, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, leaders and stakeholders converged for the Jamaica Smart City Forum. Co-hosted by JPS and the Tuatara Group, the event aimed to unlock the potential of smart technologies in reshaping our cities.

Our very own Executive Director (acting), Mr. Luke Buchanan of Mona GeoInformatics Institute had the privilege of delivering a presentation on smart cities and geospatial sciences. He also participated in a panel discussion, sharing insights on:

  • Enabling Efficiency with Smart Urban Design & Data-Driven Principles.
  • The synergy between Smart Cities & Geospatial Technologies.
  • The role of Renewable Energy in the Smart City matrix.
  • The future of Smart Cities with Drones.

Central to his presentation was the concept of placing people and their environments at the epicenter, ensuring that as we advance technologically, our decisions are anchored in the betterment of livability for all.

A big shoutout to all Jamaican stakeholders who shared their innovative initiatives, challenges, and collaborative opportunities in the realm of smart city tech. At MGI, we’re charting the course for a smarter Jamaica!

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