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Luke Buchanan Permanent Role as Executive Director at Mona GeoInformatics Institute!

Mr. Luke Buchanan has been confirmed as the Executive Director at MGI. After serving as our Acting Executive Director since September 1, 2023, Mr. Luke Buchanan was appointed as the permanent Executive Director by the MGI Board of Directors as of March 22, 2024.

Luke’s journey with MGI began in 2007, during which he has been pivotal in developing GIS solutions across Jamaica. A keen focus on business expansion and commercial projects has marked his leadership of the Special Projects and JAMNAV GPS Navigation System Divisions. With a wealth of experience in client engagement, project management, data analytics, GIS & GPS technologies and cartography, Luke’s vision and expertise have been instrumental in leveraging data for informed decision-making across the region.

At MGI, we are committed to continuing our mission of providing exceptional services and products, supported by a dedicated team ready to meet your needs. Under Luke’s guidance, we look forward to introducing exciting new offerings, reflecting his passion for innovation and growth within our business.

In celebration of this new chapter, Mr. Buchanan shared his vision for MGI’s future:

“As we embrace the opportunities that are ahead, our focus remains steadfast on expanding MGI’s service portfolio, including venturing into and expanding into the areas of renewable energy distribution analysis, circular economy strategies, AI, software development, drone technologies, geospatial mapping, geo-marketing innovations, deeper data analytics, data auditing, and cutting-edge carbon sequestration methodologies. We will also be seeking external investments for further product development and marketing. I am grateful for the trust and support of our team at MGI, the Board of Directors, The University of the West Indies, and our valued clients and partners. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring that MGI not only grows but thrives in a rapidly evolving world. Here’s to a future filled with success, collaboration, and groundbreaking achievements.”

Join us in congratulating Mr. Luke Buchanan on his appointment as Executive Director of MGI. You look forward to your continued support as our clients, partners and general supporters.

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