Environment & Hazard Mapping

MGI provides advanced environmental and hazards mapping and modelling services; using one of the largest datasets in Jamaica, coupled with some of the brightest scientific minds in the region!

Whether for pure environmental or hazards research, or wider integrated analysis involving our other data and services, socio-economic data, or software development – MGI can provide world-class services for your needs.

These services include:

  • Terrain Modelling

  • Environmental Mapping

  • Hazards Analysis

  • Coastal & Nearshore Mapping

  • Flood Models

  • Earthquake Simulations

  • Landslide Modelling

  • Site Suitability for Agriculture

  • Windstorm Analysis

  • Air & Dust Pollution

  • Hydrodynamics Solutions

  • Real Estate Development

Software Development

MGI’s Software Development Division brings together brilliant software developers and engineers to transform GIS data into interactive, smart solutions. Our combination of GIS and Computer Science is the core component of a true and complete GIS operation.

Our problem-solving skills are matched with our pragmatic approach to business. We are proficient in the following skill sets:

  • Open Source GIS Development

  • Custom Software Design & Development

  • Decision Support Solutions System

  • Spatial Support Systems

Human and Social Mapping

MGI’s premier service, the Human and Social mapping portfolio contributes most directly to national development, providing services support:


  • Crime Management Initiatives

  • Social Development Programmes

  • Socio-economic Analysis

  • Electoral Mapping

  • Road Safety and Traffic Analysis

  • Educational service coverage

  • Health Services

  • Specialized Cartography

Business Centric Services

MGI offers a wide range of business related services to help corporate C-Level executives, entrepreneurs and investors improve their Business Ops. These services include:


  • Business Logistics Modelling

  • Insurance & Claims

  • Customer Analysis

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Asset Management

  • Service Planning and Optimization

  • Risk Management

  • Market Development

Technical Services

Technical Services we offer include:

  • 3D Animations

  • Drone UAV Animations

  • Satellite Imagery

  • Scene Recreations

  • Field Mappings